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The Seventh Affair formed in 2003. Band members included: Jimmy (Chicken) Finazzo, John Bunker, Rob Vanlerberghe & Pat Chauvin. The four got together and wrote their own music. TSA played a huge battle of the bands at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac, Michigan and did so well, they ended up winning studio time at Midwest Studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan. TSA recorded a 2 song demo & included: 'I Feel So Alone' & 'Another Reason'.
The 2 song demo ended up getting into the hands of producer, Michael Quatro of Quatrophonic Music, Inc. Michael was quoted as saying, "I heard the first song, 'I Feel So Alone' and it was a hit. So I heard another one, and that was a hit, so I signed them," Quatro said.
One week later, the boys were presented with a 5 year record contract from Quatrophonic Music, Inc & sub-contracted by RCF Records.
One week before the contract was to be signed, TSA was cut in half by 2 members and the band hit their first bump in the road to success when it came to getting the signatures of 2 of the band members. But Pat & Rob didn't have much time to dwell on the loss. The empty chairs needed to be filled & quickley.
The most important thing to the remaining members of The Seventh Affair was finding 2 musicians who were just as talented & dedicated to the band as were their former band members.
Enter Matt Waisanen & Scott Harris, who went to Capac High School with Rob & met Pat through a school sponsored musical event. The Seventh Affair now had 4 members who wanted to sign the record contract.
In May 2004, The Seventh Affair signed a 5 year record contract with Quatrophonic Music, Inc & RCF Records. Earl Ferree became the bands manager and the rest will be Rock-N-Roll history........
The band released their 11 track debut CD in November 2004. Their music has been described as: A Basic Style Reminiscent of Fastball, Queenian Vocalizations & Some Strong Classic Rock Inspirations.
The music of The Seventh Affair has also been described as: Emo With A Lot Of 80'S Influence.

The Seventh Affair Is:
Scott Harris-Rythmn Guitar & Vocals
Rob Vanlerberghe-Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Pat Chauvin-Drums & Vocals
Matt Waisanen-Bass & Vocals

The band is now getting radio play on 101.1 WRIF in Detroit and has been opening for national acts, including Accident Experiment, The Tubes, and will soon be opening for Great White.